Pancakes, train stations, dream stars and UNO®

This image makes no sense

Sunday, January 4 – It began with the smell of breakfast at the 3 bears house. TheMonkeyBear was in the kitchen, up before anyone else, making pancakes, sausage and eggs. We sat at the new fangled dining room table and sat down to the vittles, complete with parsley and fresh orange garnish.

After the dishes were cleared, Monkey and Art talked photography while the other two-thirds of the three bears joined me for some Mario Party 5 action. Somehow I managed to win and become the Dream Star (Though I much prefer the old Party Star moniker).

Then it was off to the train station to drop off Art so he could head home to Kansas City. Odd place the Amtrak station. I think one fella was still in his hospital garb.

Back at the bears, we spent the evening playing UNO and making up new rules. It started with the basics, compiling Draw Two’s and Draw Fours. Then we created a rule for 7’s. Each color of 7 forced everyone to switch hands in a different way. If that wasn’t enough mayhem, we incorporated math to get rid of the huge hands. For instance, if someone played a red 9, you could start off with a red card and add or subtract whatever you needed to get to 9.

Utter chaos.

It was great fun.

Tangent links:
• Tons of versions of UNO are available. Who knew? (Even a Hello Kitty version)
• There seem to be lots of variations on playing as well.