Europe: Day 4 – Sex Museum and the haircut from hell

S – E – X – X – Why?

Waking up, we’d every intention of following the travel itinerary (“the memo”) and hitting some museums. But I hadn’t a moment to get a trim before leaving the states and we passed this wonderful barbershop in the leather-district of Amsterdam.

So I bumble in and take my seat for what would turn out to the longest and most frustrating haircut I’ve ever had. Tiny Tina, my barber, will laugh once I tell her that i cheated on her with two fey leathermen from the Netherlands who fought over how much hair they could remove from my mug.

Blah blah blah. Language barriers aside. I walked out 2 hours later, pounds lighter it SEEMED.

Did we go to the Foam photography museum at this point? I have no idea. It was incredibly forgettable.

Met back up with Brodie and Gus for a tour of the Sex Museum. I have better porn than this place, though it was relatively amusing and cheap. They really should serve beer, it’d be much more accessible.

The only thing I remember from the rest of the evening is something about throwing a weiner down a hallway.

I think.

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  1. Jack Avatar

    I really wish to understand why sex, outside marriage is becoming the other of the day and really promoted as a life style?