Europe: Day 3 – Spa, Netherbears, Rendezvous, Dinner

It’s a bit blurry now

I still felt “normal” at this point and well adjusted to the time zone. Sleeping in Sunday was natural and good.

Pratt, Brian and I decided to hit the Thermos Day Spa and it was disturbing. The mental image of folks peeping the top of their head around a corner to see if there was space in the hot-tub was comical. As was the rest of that place. I did however, find myself a barstool and beer. And since it wasn’t shoulder to shoulder, I could fill up those tiny little beer glasses a lot.

Leaving there, we went over to Le Shako to meet up with the Netherbears and rendezvous with Brodie and Gus. When we got there, the bar was relatively empty. So we secured a fine table in the side nook and soaked in the warm tiny atmosphere.

Little by little, the bar began to fill up with kind faces and the beer flowed. We delayed dinner for an hour as the spirits were mighty fine.

Dinner itself: another warm memory. The Hemelse Modder was supertasty. Potato soup, mushrooms and sprouts with wasabi sauce were my starters before some tasty sausage.

And the wine, was delicious.