Earl Gray Grey + Sharpie + The business section of the paper

I left my camera charging at work on Friday. As painful as it is to walk around the wonderful fall weekend, I just didn’t have the gumption to go back into the office.

I got up this morning and lamented the teapot I threw away because I couldn’t get it “clean.”

I boiled water on the stove in a pan and fixed some tea. I bought this great locally harvested honey at the market last week and put a dollop in the mug. Along with some tasty homemade boysenberry jam on toast, I sat on the back porch and read the paper.

I felt like doodling, and the only thing handy was a Sharpie (and a scanner).

I remember back in school, we each had these ArtBins filled with lots of goodies – essentially a tackle box with a rainbow ArtBin logo.

Kneaded erasers, Prismacolor pencils, protractors, metal rulers, Rapidograph pens + ink, a nice metal barrel pencil sharpener, markers and x-actos. And some tape I’m sure.

As much as I’d like to have all that handy, the biggest stumbling block is figuring out WHAT to draw. If I took it easy on myself, like I do with snapping photos, maybe I could muster up something beyond a doodle.

One response to “Teabaggin”

  1. Liana Avatar

    thats sick.. i love it.