Wabi Sabi


Picked up some fruit and veggies at the market yesterday. Soup’s brewin on the stove again, filling up the house with nice aroma.

I got some apples. They were a little bruised and pocked, and as I was about to put some back, I remembered the tenets of wabi sabi.*

I placed three in the basket to cleanse my mind of being overly picky.

Later that evening, after a brief visit to the bar, I nursed a Budweiser and the notion that said Japanese aesthetic should be more apparent in social situations.

Then I went home and masturbated.** That wabi sabi stuff only gets one so far.

* Wabi Sabi is a way of life that appreciates natural beauty, values simplicity, and nurtures an authentic self. It acknowledges that nothing lasts, nothing’s finished, nothing’s perfect, including you, but affirms that contentment is possible when you accept genuine unvarnished existence, with clarity and grace.

Referenced from Richard’s Wabi Sabi World

** jerk off, jack off, wank, wank off, beat off, whack off, beat the meat, stroke the salami, choke the chicken, grease the axle, wax the dolphin, choke the bishop, wax the rod, peel the banana, butter the lobster, change gears, walk the dog, polish the knob, onanism, spank the monkey, chase the weasel, whistle dixie, dick off, rub one out, whip the birdie, self-service, squeeze one off, sling jelly, bop the baloney, jack the beanstalk, dunk your dolphin, grease the sprocket, flog the log, punch the clown, squirt around, polish the low-quarters (military), captain jack (personified), played the organ, squeeze the lotion dispenser, bleed the serpent, pull the peter, plug the mellon, polish the purple helmet, tickling the turkey, polish the wand, flog the dolphin

Referenced from Sexual Synonyms

Oh yeah, and tonight I felt artistic again and drew one of them apples.