A headcold

Remove the vice from my head

I woke up after a poor nights rest, feverish, sandpaper throat. I wrote an email and backed out of driving up to Columbus. Whatever this is, should not be contained in cubicles or small offices.

I’ve spent most the day holding my sinuses.

Sat in a steaming bath for a good chunk of time.

Mustered up energy to see how nice it was outside to get some provisions.

Just got back from the local market where I picked up green onions to mix with ginger to boil for tea (thanks for the tip, paul).

While there, the juice bar beckoned. The fella behind the counter recommended some Elderberry Extract with Propolis in pure grain alcohol. He said, give it a try and you’ll be better in two hours.

I can’t resist advice like that, or grain alchohol.

P.S. Sting, stop making music.