Worst birthday ever

Dave doesn’t seem to mind

Birthdays used to be a big deal at the studio. Especially at our largest (about 10 folks I do believe). The “girls” would decorate desks and wrap up a gift.

We’d go out to Benihana for lunch. Ice cream and cake in the afternoon.

There’s just three little indians left at the studio, myself included. We’re all over the 30 hump now, and birthdays aren’t something we care to acknowledge.

I think we’re all enjoying getting older and the experience we’ve chalked up amounts to something.

Less bullshit tolerated perhaps. More focused goals.

One little indian was out sick today, so Dave and I went to Benihana because Frisch’s Big Boy was packed. And we missed his birthday yesterday as he got licensed to fly through clouds.

We charged the meal to the company, like we always do, thinking that someone else has to pay for it.

Even though we know it’s us.