Grandaddy – Southgate House, Newport KY

Now it’s on

Took my stuffy headed, sneezy ass out at 9 pm to meet up with Tom at the Southgate House to see Grandaddy… The folks behind my favorite album (thus far) of the year, a great companion on my roadtrip that still holds a spot in the CD-changer.

Let’s see, where to begin?

Starlight Mints was one of the openers – and I dug ’em. Reminded me of a happier Pixies with a bubbly and sober Kim Deal. Everyone was miked. I like bands that sing.

After the usual period of soundchecks and rigging, Grandaddy took the stage with unease. As bands go, these guys are pretty dang scruffy and inanimate. Took me a while to find a place to stand to get the right balance, but once I did – they revealed themselves to be fine live performers.

They played mostly songs from the latest release, Sumday. An album I love for the lyrical themes of technology gone awry with a decided tinge of optimism.

The video backdrop had tidbits of rodeos, lumberjacks and impressive geography. There was other stuff, but that stood out. Heavenly. I mouthed a woof to no one in particular, slackjawed at the mild spectacle.

The bassist surprised me with his harmony vocals and beefy unrockstar-like presence. The drummer was a big ol’ chain-smoking bear. The lead singer, a bit delicate – but personable in a quiet manner. These guys just seem normal… whatever that means.

I was also reminded how much I’m not a crowd person. The “kids” around me seemed more interested in each others outfits than the music playing. Drove me bonkers. On nights like this, I also remind myself it’s good to be tall.

Tom and I left before the show was over to the sounds of Lost On Yer Merry Way, a particular favorite of mine.

Overall a good nite. Now back to bed and the pressure of my sinuses. That grain alcohol did nothing.

Without tripod, all my pics have this jittery blur