The new stray

Love for sale

Actually, free love.

Heather found another cat lingering outside the neighborhood bar and like a good samaritan, she made sure it was getting plenty of food. After a week and no one picking up the little fella, she brought him to her home.

I don’t know how many strays she has taken in over her lifetime, but it would easily fill up more digits than I have on my hands and feet.

This cat is something special though. Personable, curious and skiddish.

Heather thinks I need a pet, and frankly, I do too. I’d love to have some dogs and cats running around. But I’d need to quit traveling for work and fun with such whimsy.

Apparently this is cat week on LiveJournal, outside of KittyPix, the felines seem to be popping up: Vwaffle and Trospero get furry headnods, not to mention the link that Arkanjil posted which unearthed this treasure (Go to the archives and check out the first one for sure, then check out all the others).