I rode bitch

(insert a picture of wind flyin through my hair)

Sometimes, it’s just not handy to tote the camera.

Location: Columbus, OH

I worked diligently and got off in time for a wee nap. Hit happy hour in time to toss off a few and discuss rollercoasters for the upcoming night of pride at Kings Island.

Afterward, I rode bitch on a Harley through my old stompin grounds at OSU and was amazed at the changes. Whole blocks torn down.

Ate breakfast at 11pm and headed over to a basement-hole-in-the-wall bar to hear a kickass band rip through a brief set. There were bumperstickers of defunct bands littering the walls and ceiling. The three piece group’s centerpiece, the guitarist with hummingbird hands, kept my attention as the single spot highlighted the top of his banging baseball cap. They were called Dragon Ass, and they rocked.

Some chick in front of me would occassionally look back in disdain, waiting for someone interesting to appear as her boyfriend ignored her. Toward the end she gave in and tried to bop along to the music, only to look like someone who would really give bad head.

I rode bitch on the way back too, getting mild taunts at stoplights. Half tempted to flash my tits, I ignored all and relished in the exhaust, backfire and awesome weather.

All that yoga paid off, I think I am in touch with my center. I ride bitch well.