Fish outta water

The Snack Truck That Smiles Back

I got nothing done at work today. Well, I made a mental list of all the stuff that needs to be tackled. Overwhelmed, I took lunch with another potential client. This added to the mayhem in my head.

It’s another big corporate gig. I think the hollow feeling in my stomach wasn’t from the free spaghetti lunch.

Dunno how effective I can be at interfacing at this level anymore.

Adding to this, I’m at this point of feeling outdated.

Begin grumblerant

CSS for the design of web pages (not only the typography) is becoming a beast that requires an opinion.

I’ve long since thought that sites should be built to display properly on all browsers. It is becoming increasingly attractive as the newer browsers support these technologies and put the design of the interface into this referenced container.

But I love tables. Tables work. Templates can be made. Efficiencies gained. I’m as stubborn about CSS as I am about Flash.

Macromedia released a new Dreamweaver last week. A product I use to “rough” out HTML (for bigger clients, and personally, I use it for little sites). It now supports CSS for layouts. This is pretty significant for visual editors.

Thing is, it runs like absolute SHIT on a mac. It is entirely unusable. The company line? “These reports are not replicable by Technical Support, so we ask that users perform the following steps to make sure the issue is not system-specific” They go on to list system requirements and blah blah blah.

Perhaps when testing the product, folks aren’t really USING the product, just going through the steps to ensure that it performs the functions.

Grumble. So now I’m wondering if:
A.) I just need to start using a PC or
B.) Give up visual editors
C.) Keep on truckin with tables

That feeling of being stubborn about solutions makes me feel like an old dog.

I get a slight feeling that I am at an impasse. That the seven year itch is upon me. If I couldn’t get a gig with The Mudd Truck, perhaps I could drive around the country and give away free Goldfish.

Caught this photo on the way home from work today. Maybe it’s a sign.