Windy City Rodeo 2003


Friendly folks ’round every corner were there at the Windy City Rodeo this year.

Enjoying the weather and slight breeze and low humidity.

Didn’t see too much of the rodeo proper myself. It seemed light on contestants and heavy on lulls.

They had the dance-floor set up under the beer and food tent. Haven’t seen square-dancing of this nature, hell of any nature, since gradeschool. I think I could maybe pick that up. There’s more interaction than line-dancing, but less spinny than the two-step. Seems like it’d be fitting for someone who wasn’t so N*sync like myself.

Ah, another thing to put on the long list.

I think riding a horse would be more fun. That’s on the short list.

Left the rodeo after the final event and high-tailed it downtown and beat traffic. Ate tasty tacos.

Found the bar not unbearably packed initially, but it got really thick toward the end. The country music transitioned to the thumpthumpthump beats. Fog machines choked the air.

I lost track of everyone I was hanging out with at one point and I felt trapped in an episode of what I suppose Queer as Folk would be like if I’d ever sit down to watch it.

I felt tragic.

I was glad to leave the thumpthumps and eat pancakes at the IHOP.

Lookin forward to day 2 of the rodeo. Looks like more fantastic weather.