Ray just left

Off to Alaska

Rolled into Chicago and I returned to the thought that there should be medication for road rage. Once past the Toll Road that went from 5 lanes down to one, the traffic moved at a quick clip and sanity was restored. My copilot for the journey, Mike, rattled off how many “point miles” we had between each turn and Yahoo maps got us real close to our destination.

Got to Ray and Sheila’s place, sad Sheila wasn’t there, but was met kindly by Ray. One of those friendships where time and distance are not variables. Catching up is joyful.

I hooked up his WiFi network in 3 minutes and we turned into the surfing geeks for a good part of the night. We left him to attend to packing for a week-long trip to some Alaska fishin and headed to the bar down south of town.

They had this spread with good-as-homemade food much to our empty stomach surprise.

We ate, drank, avoided watching too much pageantry and left shortly after midnight to go out in downtown proper.

Truth be told, I was tuckered from the long day behind the wheel and opted for the couch and some shuteye.

I saw Ray off this morning and snagged this shot from the fetal sofa.

Today? Rodeo.