daVinci Days

11th Annual Kinetic Sculpture Race

Pancakes in the morning outside of the greenhouses surrounded by roses.

Our timing couldn’t have been better. We headed into the nice college town of Corvallis for daVinci Days.

We parked the car at a friend’s place and walked through the town. Their friend, “Half” as I think he goes by, and i had this great conversation about how we know people and how there are many connections. He developed a chart to figure it out and the topic of Friendster came up. I’ve never signed up on that site, but it seemed relevant. His chart sounds more interesting.

We came across folks making art on the sidewalks and all these funky kinetic sculpture vehicles going through the pre-race trials for the festivities. I’m sure we killed over an hour there, but the vibe was incredible. Folks dressed up in whacky outfits and each vehicle had to have a theme song performed after emergency exit procedures. For some reason, a stuffed bear was required on the machines.

Speaking of bears, Corvallis, or maybe it is Oregon in general, has a great smattering of facial hair.

We ventured on the outskirts of the fair and headed to the outdoor market filled with flowers, baked goods veggies and fruits. I was told that we had better get rid of all the apples before hitting California, as they check for such things at checkpoints.

After all the wonderful sunlight, it was time to take a brief tour of the nursery and hit the road.

This place is worth extended stay. It may very well be the best combo of bohemian and broadband.

The drive down the Oregon coast was phenomenal too.