Wham, BAM, farewell Seattle

The steps at the Bellevue Art Museum (BAM)
(Likely the most interesting thing at the place…)

It was a quick farewell as the Marmot was off to work already and Christopher was heading that way. I tried to make sure I left nothing out of place and made the guest room as tidy as I could and left the Bear Marmot Chalet.

Art and I headed to the Bellevue Art Museum and check out the architecture and what was inside.

The architecture was more interesting. (Not the best space for exhibits, as reported by the building manager)

We then chugged through Portland traffic and wound up in Corvallis, Oregon in time for dinner with Paul and Lars. Yummy vegetarian cuisine after the orders were put right. Got a free Fat Tire for the mixup.

From there, we went back and took a small hike in the woods, kicked back in the Yurt, listened to music and chatted it up. At some point we ended up outside, looking up at the sky.

We laid on the ground, still warm from the sunny day, and began noting the stars and satellites. I’ve never really watched satellites as they zip by – If i did, I likely thought they were shooting stars.

It was pretty dang nifty.

Oh yeh, now I know what a Yurt is.