Transition: Oregon Coast to California

Arena Cove

So after a fine meal with wasabi dressing at the Blue Heron Grill in Coos Bay Oregon, and failing to find the bar where lumberjacks hang out (Art and I did however get mistaken for fellers “working on the pipeline” from the gothy chick bartenders…) we headed down the coast and into the golden state.

We were lucky. The fog kept away from us for the most part and the scenery was phenomenal.

There was no check for illegal produce at the California border.

We did find the larger than life Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox at the Trees of Mystery. Interesting musty smelling museum there. No t-shirts with Paul Bunyan though, I was bummed.

As dusk approached, we had just hit the junction for Hiway 1. Instead of braving the twists and turns, we decided to call it a night.