Inner dialog, “You do not need more stuff.You do not need more stuff.

I woke up to find my some nice homemade banana bread and yogurt spread spread before me. I burned some CDs for the baby bear and chatted about music, furniture and hemorrhoids before heading out.

Brunch at the Majestic (a good notch above greasy spoon with nice outdoor seating in St Louis) followed. I got to chat a bit with some fellers from KC and surrounding area and enjoyed the meal and company.

Since I was heading to KC myself, i agreed to help ease the load and I took a load of tv lamps and a handsome feller along for the ride.

Funny, I’ve never really had a travelin companion proper.

On no real schedule, if there was something off the side of the road that looked of interest, we pulled over. This could also be attributed to our, not weak, but efficient, bladders.

A trip to Nostalgiaville ( proved a relatively humor-filled tangent for a bathroom. I did feel guilt just using the facilty, so I bought a Dukes of Hazzard t-shirt that is two sizes too small.

It was a good day.