Entering St Louis

McNuggets don’t sound so bad right about now

Windows are down. Sunroofs are open. Traffic from KC/STL baseball game is sticky.

I grab this shot thinking that a safety strap to keep the camera attached to my hand regardless of high winds would be prudent.

I roll into St Louis and pester my bear friends for a place to chill out before I meet up for dinner and drinks with a friend.

They are the kindest hosts on earth. Willing to deal with me on last minute notice. I drink their beer and wait for a call.

The evening is a bit muggy. I have gyros and a walk through what I think is called the west end.

There are highlights.

Ending up at the bar, they hand out anniversary pins for their third year in business. It’s not terribly crowded, but I’m beat and not happy with myself. I leave early and find the door to the three bear’s house unlocked.

My couch awaits.