Hot Dogs sell, even at 10am

So I’m up oddly early after having a few brews at the english pub.
Hey everyone, look like you’re in England in front of the red phone booth, er, telephone kiosk

The happy hour peeps

I get up, and since there’s no TV or coffee, I do some stuff for clients. I’m sure they like getting emails at 4am with updates to their site. I certainly like working at my leisure.

My desktop is a mess, and I realize, hmmm, I haven’t backed up in a while as I put things in their proper places and name files with meaningful names.

I’m sad to see my laptop’s 55.88 GB drive has a mere 1.37 GB left.

This is going to be an issue, as Photoshop sure does like its scratch disk space. I hate the thought of having to separate my stuff from this one place:

  • I have a snapshot or the master files of most everything I’ve worked on over the past 6 years
  • I have 18 gigs of music
  • Every digital photo I’ve taken 5+ gigs
  • Email is well over a gig
  • My site? A paltry 165 MB
  • Every installer for the Mac and PC applications I use most. 2.1 gigs
  • Movies of various things I’ve either made or collected 5 gigs
  • Pilfered sites, grabs of site designs, icons from around the world, fonts galore, and random sound effects
  • and lastly, a boatload (5 gigs) of installed applications, most of which I really do use…

So my firewire drive is chock full as it is, I suppose it’s time to upgrade that and archive properly.

2 responses to “Backup”

  1. TigeTheorce Avatar

    THis accidet made me wonder about our local bridges!
    I try to avoid them! God BLESS the victims!

  2. enumemupStesy Avatar

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