The couch

Have a seat

In order to make room for the silk-screen press, it’s time to clear out the back room at the studio.

So the funky old couch we got somehow will have to go. This couch and the accompanying chairs have seen their fair share of shenanigans. Many costume clad folks from the annual Halloween Party have gotten schlooked on that sofa.

It also was a great place for those to pass out.

We had clients recline and eat freshly cut fruit while we give a dog and pony show why no changes make sites launch faster. Of course, after the buzz of that wears off, they usually go back to the office and write an email with minor adjustments.

Goodbye couch. Hello silk-screen.

One response to “The couch”

  1. air beds Avatar

    Aw, thats a nice looking couch, too! Its quite large! Where’d you get it?