Mixed evening

So I started the evening off meeting up with Dave at the Northside Tavern. Listed as a ‘folk’ band, Jake Speed and the Freddies were more what i’d term bluegrass. Great vibe and interaction with the crowd. Never been to that place before. It was awash in hip folks with Beatlesesque hairdos and funky european style glasses.

The bartender used to be a waitress at the bar/eatery next door to idio. Last summer she caught me and said, “I stiffed you last summer, 10 bucks… Here it is.” So of course it was great to see her again. Especially at this cool find, where music was free and drinks were reasonable. I saved that 10 bucks for the longest time, thinking i’d use it when i was in a jam. Turns out that jam was last january, when i was at the Phoenix Rodeo and needed a beer.

I parted ways with dave and went to my usual dives, only to feel strangely outta place.