It’s a beautiful day.

Fire, Fire...

Back at work, the studio is filled with the pleasant aroma of joint compound and fresh paint from the renovations happening next door. My eyes are burning with joy.

Between the bangs of hammers and shrill of the ‘lectric saws, a warm summer breeze pours in with nice light through the window. Keeping the windows open brings some fresh air into the place, along with the sounds of jackhammers four flights below on the sidewalk.

A concrete mixing truck’s backup beep is constant as they add streetlights and trees across the block. I suppose it’s necessary to pour concrete while backing up slowly – this isn’t something that could be done going forward.

Serenity now. Serenity now.


As the quittin bell was about to ring, a loud crash on the street level brought Heather and me to the window. This corner always has car accidents. In fact, there were two motorcycle cops there to witness the event. Likely they were hoping to prevent an accident with their presence. They almost got hit by the vehicles. Sirens blasted soon thereafter, and just in time. The Grand Cherokee burst into flames. A very unexciting video of the incident.