Dang UPS


I’m officially ‘old school’ and curmudgeonly. Yet another identity has fallen prey to the swooshification of this new fangled design sensibility. Why is it that logos have to be shiny, or tactile, or 3-D, or have a significant arc in them?

UPS had a perfectly fine logo, a product of Paul Rand, and then someone must’ve coerced them into believing their brand was no longer purposeful.

Just gimme a cabin in the woods of montana and a typewriter connected to the net and let me live in peace, away from the evolution of the world around me. I want things to be perfect, like they were in the old days. Like they were in the 70’s. (tongue planted firmly in cheek)

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  1. dimension Avatar

    It’s because these corporations are announcing to the world that they are part of the system. The triangle within a circle, or the swoosh ending in a star, or just a swoosh, or particularly a swoosh around the letter A or a triangle all mean one thing. It means they are preparing for the formation of a new world order ushered in by the arrival of the meteor to come. In the “Manual of Freemasonry” the Illuminated ones (or at that level, partially illuminated), describe this meteor. “I perceived a triangle in a great circle, in the center of which is enclosed a blazing star, which blinded me with holy respect and contemplation.” …later Q. “What signifies the circle that surrounds the triangle?” A. “It is a meteor, which ought to guide us to Divine Providence.” This very meteor is the one described in Revelation as “as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea.” Oh yes, the corporations of the world are part of a grand conspiracy, and if your eyes were open you would see it. And now that they have come out of the shadows to announce their allegiance, we know one thing is true, they will make their move very soon.

  2. Test Avatar

    Or it could be because UPS is no longer only a small package shipper. They deliver, freight and strategic planning now.
    I wonder if they have anything to do with the douchebag delivering this anonymous comment – cg

  3. dexter speencer Avatar
    dexter speencer

    I would love ups to deliver me my package

  4. Marty Avatar

    ha, ha, ha, I’m old school too and cannot stand this current trend to “photoshop effect” everything. YES, UPS IS diversifying, but their main bread and butter is still delivering goods (packages). DUMB UPS, DUMB! Rand said that a good logo should be “timeless”. That is “timeless” till corporate dullards get a hold of things…

  5. Will Avatar

    The logo no longer includes the string at the top, in part because UPS packages are not allowed to have string around them during shipment.

  6. Hendri S Avatar
    Hendri S

    If this is right, should be good package