a pause

i woke up early, thanks to the garbage trucks, and decided to read online. The news went quickly over my head with all the speak of war and the economy. I decided to read Live Journal for real stories about folks. I first just linked around and thought how witty I’m not, then a solemn thread unraveled. What may have been a blip on the evening news, or a small article in a community newspaper became something more tangible.

When it comes to theology, i do believe heartedly in ‘spirit.’ In the sense the when we pass, our spirit does indeed, live on. However I believe it lives on in our memories and in those who were touched by our journey.

This community of journalers online not only demonstrates the power of immense grasp that our age has come into, but of the significance of each other and ourselves.

It’s a good day to forget how gray the sky is, i’m thinking, and strengthen the spirits of those around me/us by simply noticing things, listening to friends and relishing the spirit.