No green beer

Even though it was St. Patrick’s Day, I did not get any green beer. I did however grab green pants and a green t-shirt out of my travel bag as I packed up and left St Louis. Decided to take off friday after finally connecting with Tina, my barber, for the much required beard trim.

The weather was awesome, and the drive was cake. I decided to meet up with friends for happy hour on my arrival, only to find, they decided to skip happy hour.

Ah well… I knew other folks, and got a bar tour thanks to Dawn. She was a darn good tourguide. “Here’s the country one, and down the street, here’s the preppy one.” We hit a few, staying only for a sprite and budweiser at each. They were all fine as bars went, and I even got a swell saracastic, “they let lumberjacks in here?” comment. Ah, drunks. Maybe it was my suspenders. I had no quick comeback, but I didn’t feel the need to reply, other than with a smile. Funny how folks can get a bit vocal with a few too many long islands in em.

I can be an asshole sober, I suppose that’s a gift.