Write your old Quesadilla a Dear John note

I never took a marketing course in college (it wasn’t required, thank goodness). I suppose if I had, I would have learned some metric that defined the lifespan of the collective consciousness of various demographic segmentations. Big foreign words aside, folks get bored and they need drawn back in, like adding a new product category at Taco Bell and then rolling out a planned series of upgrades on that category.

First, it was simple, a chicken quesadilla, then we got steak 4 weeks later, now it’s back to the chicken, but this time with monterey jack cheese. I figure we’ll go back to steak in another handful of weeks and call it Extreme Steak Quesadilla, and throw on some tangy kicky sauce.

Does this mean we’re incapable of simply returning to a place with the same ol’ menu? Does this apply to most things in our lives, like our jobs, friends and (gasp) lovers?

I guess it’s about adapting and searching for new, different and potentially exciting things.

I’d like to think though, there’s certain comfort in having an anchor, someone/thing that you can count on to share these new experiences.

Call me romantic, I still miss Zantigos.