Rodeo, Day Two

Breakfast was a faceless joint, but tolerable with a breakfast bar. I chatted with a friend who got me to thinking about how rough it is to lose someone in a relationship. Not by death mind you, but by the circumstance of two folks wrestling with trying to figure out if somethings going to work.

I always feel a little resigned and emotionless, never finding the right soothing words to say in these instances, but pain is a tough thing to overlook.

I get into phases of complete optimism though, and this was no different. Somewhere inside of me, I figure, when it happens, it just will. And sure there will be a giant leap of faith where we begin to invest in a relationship, but it’s a leap that has to go hand in hand. I write this and reflect, knowing I’ve never really taken the plunge, but I feel good that I’ve made some strides, albeit misguided and aloof.

Napkins wipe away tears though, and another sun filled day outside at the rodeo was upon us.

The second day of the rodeo has a sharp curve in attendance, as folks recover from the night before and shuffle in squinting well after noon. Seldom reaching the numbers of the previous day, I found I prefered the quieter vibe.

Getting the blues from thinking about my afternoon flight, a call to Delta remedied the situation and I was happy to be leaving the following morning instead. I spent the afternoon meeting friends of Chuck and watchin the rodeo from down near the fence where the view was better.

A beer bust at a local watering hole gave me an opportunity to drive over with Dino and chit chat. Packed as the other bar, I had a few drinks before heading out to meet up with Chuck at his house.

Got lost a few times (my glasses were all dusty, I couldn’t read the unfamiliar signs too well) and I made it to his place.

Looking through pictures and talking about cars until way past our bedtime, I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out nonetheless. Sadly, that 8 am flight would come too soon, and I knew I had to get Scott to the airport even earlier than myself.

A late night drive thru taqueria made my stomach happy, and I got back to the hotel in time to catch up with Scott and hear about his wonderful evening.

Sleep came easy as I grinned, glad that my friend was able to break away from the gray doldrums of Cincinnati, even if it was just for a brief weekend. Hopefully, it would prove to be a kick in the seat of his pants to realize there’s a big, neat, world out there – and there wasn’t anything standing in between him and it. He was welcome.