Road Runner Regional Rodeo

Unlike other rodeo’s I’ve been to (a staggering total of three) – the Road Runner Regional is now hosted at an ol’ western tourist trap on the north side of the city in Scottsdale.

After a greasy breakfast at Denny’s, I got there with Scott in time for the opening ceremony. Wandering through the vendor area briefly, we caught wind of some local fellas and a group from online and proceeded to the stands.

It was kinda hard to see what was going on, as the arena was very large. The sun was hittin at such an angle that the chutes were obsurred by clouds a bit, but it managed to entertain nonetheless.

After some dilly-dallying and frequent trips for refreshments, the day flew by.

As evening approached, the decision was made to pose for a group shot in one o them there fancy old-fashioned dress ’em up studios located in the adjoining western tourist trap. Dividing the fellas up into groups of ten, we found the process to be a little more time intensive than imagined. By the time the third group was to get in front of the lens, we were down to three.

Someone had to be different, and with just the less-than-handful of us, we took what turned out to be a perplexing and fun shot.

I drove from there in the twilight to a fella’s house for a cookout, and was happy to meet some new friendly faces.

Afterwards, I went back to the hotel and got my face washed to go out.

The bar was even more packed that evening, but we found ourselves doing much of the same as the previous night. I caught up with Chuck eariler and got to continue our conversations and observations and last call came quickly again.

Tuckered, I went back to the hotel and checked email and downloaded some pictures from the day.