I am not a morning person

Putting on the same clothes I wore to the rodeo and bar, I woke with alarms and phones ringing in every direction at 5 am.

Scott was already up in the other room, getting his suitcase in order and we silently prepped ourselves for our diverging travel paths back to the Queen city. He had a layover in Chicago and would have to drive back from Indianapolis to get home. I was lucky, I s’pose.

After guessing my way to the airport, and lucky enough to be right, I dropped him off at his departure area and got lost trying to get the rental car back to Hertz. (Really poor signage)

I still like Phoenix though, and I’m anxious to return.

The plane ride was horribly packed, and I caught myself making these mouth gasp snore noises and jerking up in a fright.

Finally home, the snow was mostly gone and the chill was an impressive contrast to the mild sun of Arizona in January. I need to go back there in July and remind myself why I love the seasons.