One big city that seems to be planned proper

Phoenix is a great town for bein’ so large.

As the United States’ sixth-largest city with a population of nearly 1.3 million, I found it easy to navigate without the aid of a compass in the car. I drove from my friends house straight to the airport around noon and made it to the passenger pick-up area with nary a wrong turn.

Scott rolled off the plane with a big ol’ grin, realizing that the weather here was quite a change from the snow dump in Cincinnati.

We picked up his bags and headed to the hotel to check in and get some vittles. We found an Old Spaghetti Factory, and although we have the chain in Cincinnati, we knew it would be good cheap eats.

Satisfied with our meal, we headed back to the hotel and I took a wee nap before hittin the watering hole for some country dancin (him, not me of course – i have two left feet). I met up with a group of folks from online in the back part of the bar and was happy to meet some locals through the evening.

“Nice beard” I heard from the side, and immediately struck up a conversation with a fella named Chuck. Doin’ an earnest awwww shucks dirt kickin, we started talking about this and that, having a grand ol’ time. Eventually I had to rejoin the group and meet some guys from all over the place that came to Phoenix for the rodeo, like myself.

A jovial mood overall, I would wander to the front from time to time to check on Scott and the dance floor, bumping (literally – it was packed) into familiar faces along the way.

As last call came about, it was time to head back to the hotel and rest up for the big day to follow.