The parking lot Cincinnati calls Interstate 71

So I somehow managed to get up and pack in time to get to the airport (or so I thought)… when, last minute, I couldn’t find my specs. Heck knows I can function without my glasses, but I do enjoy being able to see, clearly.

I rushed around the house looking high and low in the usual suspect locations, when I decided to give ol’ Delta a call and see if I could manage a later flight. 12:30 was booked they said and to get on the 4:30 flight would cost an arm and a leg (and a used car)… So i gulped, went for one last go ’round and found the dang things.

It was snowing outside. Me, being the space-case that I am, didn’t think to check the weather and see what the forecast held. The on-ramp to the highway was slow. Folks were going at a snail’s pace and I started to get real flustered.

Upon entering the highway, it came to a stand still, with bursts of 5 MPH movement.

In my haste, I decided to breathe, stop looking at the clock, and just roll with it, knowing it was beyond my control. I kept callin the airline on my mobile phone hoping to catch wind of a delay.

No such luck.

I finally got to the airport, only to find my flight would leave in 10 minutes, on schedule, with no way for me to get to the gate and past security in time. Luckily, the feller behind the counter said that I’d very likely get on the 12:30 flight on standby without charge.

Deciding to grab a horrible breakfast from McDonalds (why? I ask myself, do i even attempt to eat that shit) I sat down and prepared for the 4 hour wait. Luckily there was an overpriced ‘net connection, so I got some work done and emails written after I took a quick snapshot of the planes collecting purdy snowflakes.

Fast forward a bit and I’d landed in Phoenix, slightly roughed from the lack of sleep and extremely different weather. A sunny 75 degrees and a swell blue sky greeted me as I rolled my suitcase out to the shuttle.

Dinner with an old friend and a visit with his family filled out the rest of the night, where we tried to catch up on two years of not being in touch save for the holidays. I went to bed on an inflatable matress at 2am, realizing that I’d been up almost 24 hours. Yikes.