Notes to the future

I make the same icons over and over it seems…

As we approach our 2nd anniversary at the studio, it’s time to figure out where we’ve been and were we want to go. Part of this process is to think through our personal vision.

We started this today.

Tom was printing out fun tidbits last I saw, Wendy was plotting out things on a grid, and I grabbed a marker and some post-it notes.

So I threw out everything—personal and professional—then gave a subjective rating as to how well I’m attending to any particular topic. (I’ll admit I borrowed the latter idea from Wendy’s grid)

Tomorrow? We reconvene and look for overlap and ways to help each other.

Photos ZOOM IN to read the notes

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5 responses to “Notes to the future”

  1. kate Avatar

    I love the portable store idea! Have you seen the lady that has gourmet sorbet out of an Airstream trailer? It’s awesome. If I can find a link I”ll send it to you.

  2. John T. Hoffoss Avatar

    My online-friend-who-knows-me-not, there are not enough filled-in stars on that image. And an ice cream truck store is an awesomely fantastic idea that gives you an excuse to travel more. Which gives you more photographic and videographic muse.

  3. Mike Nichols Avatar

    What a great idea! A good way to visualize what you want to do with your life. Now, if I just drew as well as you do…

  4. bitbear Avatar

    I’m sure you realize this and do not take it for granted, but all of your items form the framework of a cohesive life.
    You do not have a work section and a personal section. It all goes together. A work life that can nurture. For some crappy reason, I am blown away by it.
    I can’t wait to see more video.

  5. Chuck Avatar

    Wow thanks for the inspiration. “Post-it-note and pen” dream boards will be popping up all over the place. Mine will be finished shortly. Just really well done.