Halloween, 1982

A scene from my youth

My brother dug up this photo the other day, and man it pulls on the strings of my nostalgic heart.

That’s an 11-year-old me over there on the right, as the world’s tallest E.T.

My mom’s looking on from the backdoor of our old house.

See, I was entirely obsessed with Spielberg’s movie after it was released that summer.

I ate Reeses Pieces even though they were an incredibly putrid candy. I knew the day JC Penney would have plush E.T. dolls on sale (and this was before the internet). And I begged my mom to make this costume.

I bet she had to customize that McCall’s pattern no. 8311 somethin’ fierce to get it to fit me.

It’s been a while since I’ve said it, but mom you’ve got to know I love you.

For every stitch and every moment.

Thank you for making me feel right at home on this planet.

6 responses to “Halloween, 1982”

  1. chuck Avatar

    you rock AND your mom rocks!
    how cool.

  2. Guy Avatar

    That ET costume turned out better than the one shown on the pattern packaging. My mom made me a storm trooper costume one Halloween. It was pure awesome. My mom and I still reminisce about that one. I wish I had pictures.

  3. Cindy Avatar

    I have been hunting for that same pattern. Found one on ebay, but got outbid. I’m an adult now, but would love to dress up as ET for Halloween. I have a retired teacher friend that could make it work. Can you or anyone out in internet land help me.
    “ET phone home”

  4. Joe Putnam Avatar

    As an awesome six year old, my mom also hooked me up with this costume. 24 years later, I still have the mask in my “keep” box at her house. Good, good times.

  5. Julia Avatar

    I just recently re-watched it. Who wasn’t blown away by this as a kid? I wish I was ET for halloween when I was a kid!!

  6. Laurie Fields Avatar
    Laurie Fields

    My Dad took me to see “E.T.” in the theater when it came out. That was a million years ago. After my nephew saw it, he was obsessed. Remember the E.T. plastic toys? He had every one. They looked like globs of brown grease with eyeballs.