Westcott House Centennial

a mighty fine example of prairie style architecture.

Dan, at rehearsal up in Springfield Ohio on Friday, texted me to check out the Westcott House website. I’d heard about this Frank Lloyd Wright home and knew it was in Springfield, but not much beyond that.

Turns out it has been freshly restored and a centennial performance would happen on Saturday.

A few calls later, I had my mom in tow the next day and we went up to attend the night of celebration.

Eric Lloyd Wright, grandson of the renowned architect, started the evening off with a talk about the history, inspiration, and process his grandfather employed. Fascinating stuff.

Less is only more where more is no good.
—Frank Lloyd Wright

It was a fantastic evening with the talk, slideshows and movies of the house through the ages (at one point it was broken up into several apartments and then severely dilapidated), all the images scored with music by the symphony.

I plan to go back for the full tour soon.

The Westcott House (tours, programs)
Prairie School (wiki)
The Mike Wallce Frank Lloyd Wright interview (video)

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    I saw your Make It Work shirt on a guy on t.v. last night (sadly, I didn’t catch the name of the show. It was on G4 and I think it was counting down celebrity no-nos) and exclaimed to my boyfriend, “I read the blog of the guy who designed that shirt!” Your work is on t.v. now. 🙂