everything’s so much more fancy when you repeat it

Ass of truck diptych

I figure if I make enough of these snapshots they’ll become a set and then it’ll seem purposeful and artistic. But on the other hand, I suppose this shot-gun approach lacks intention. It’s the difference between manslaughter and murder.

In other news, we’re going to San Diego tomorrow, and I’m hoping some buddy passes from my sister do the trick. Flying standby freaks me out a little.

As for the photos above, they don’t really relate to California, or packing. I’ve simply been keeping the camera handy because of the nice weather, and for some reason this cement truck and wide load just seemed right while traffic was stopped today.

Current Olympic sounds: The squeaks, grunts, whistles, and bumps of volleyball

One response to “everything’s so much more fancy when you repeat it”

  1. Joe Clark Avatar

    Um… Chris? Back of truck? Artistic? Chris?