MusicNOW Festival ’08

Memorial Hall — stage set with an installation by Karl Jensen

The MusicNow festival ended on Saturday night with performances by Grizzly Bear and Andrew Bird.

The former I’d heard about when Erik interviewed them for Bears Gone Wild. He told me I should bring down some bubba shirts for the fellas, so that’s exactly what I did. Friendly guys those Grizzly Bears, accepting the bag of shirts graciously before putting on a sweet show. And by sweet I mean awesome, with unusual instrumentation and great harmonies. A little melancholy, a little fuzzy, and all totally enthralling.

Mental note: send out a camo tee to their sound dude.

Closing out the event was Andrew Bird and call me silly, but I was a virgin to his music prior to this evening. I am correcting this oversight by delving into his catalogue after experiencing a decided and significant “whoa” by his performance. A multi-instrumentalist who builds his song onstage with such a demeanor that you believe every word from his lips and pluck of his violin. That is, if you were one who might not believe violins before.

My words no good, here’s a video of Imitosis on a French television program.

And alas, there are lots more photos, but I’ve got to hit the pavement and then follow-up on emails, do my taxes, and (insert the avalanche of Monday).

Current music: Andrew Bird “Imitosis”

4 responses to “MusicNOW Festival ’08”

  1. bitbear Avatar

    I was on the fence about seeing Andrew Bird this summer, your review changed that. While I liked Armchair Apocrypha, I wasn’t sure about the live show, thanks for the endorsement.
    Off to buy tix now.

  2. Girl Avatar

    That is a great picture. You must have went early or stayed late to get the raw set. It brings back the excitement of my producer days. I got so burned out, I’d forgotten the feeling. Thanks for flipping my switch again.

  3. Virginia Murdoch Avatar

    Oh wow, I’m thoroughly jealous. I’m a HUGE fan of Andrew Bird, and have started listening to Grizzly Bear a bit recently. You lucky thing. I can’t wait to see the photos.

  4. Meredith Melragon Avatar
    Meredith Melragon

    I want this picture! I would like to order a print and I would like to use it in a “funders” report.
    You are amazing!