Wherein I post nudity in my journal

John Curin Bea Arthur Naked 1991 [ +zoom ]

Thanks to a friend with a delightfully warped sense of humor, a tiny picture of Maude in the altogether now adorns my desk.

As David Rimanelli writes in a critical essay about the painting, “Naked, Arthur nevertheless remains composed and dignified, her smile and slightly peaked eyebrows conveying a sense of irony, even amusement.”

This small reproduction pleases and informs me when I need perspective.

Current music: The Replacements “Androgynous”

3 responses to “Wherein I post nudity in my journal”

  1. Peter Baker Avatar

    Total hotty.
    I’ve wanted a naked picture of Bea Arthur ever since Airheads.
    Never knew one actually existed though…

  2. Chris Pearson Avatar

    Dude, I love the zoom version on Flickr—not so much because of Bea, but more because those killer icons you made for 50 ways to help are visible on your 17" [?] MBP. Really excellent stuff, and definitely my favorite style of icon with the solid colors and perfectly bulky shapes.

  3. Chris Glass Avatar

    It is but a 15″ MBP, Chris P. In hindsight, I think I would have preferred the 17″.
    (and thank ya for the kind words!)