50 ways

and lots of icons

Every time Wendy and I find something that helps the environment and is easy to do, we’ve been adding it to a list. This has been going on for a good part of the year in hopes to have something made to commemorate today, Earth Day.

In the meantime, it became clear that what we’ve been doing all along at the studio was celebrating the things we love. Whether it is Tom’s enthusiasm for music, Wendy’s passion for education, my obsession with say, videogames, hairstyles, or pop culture in general—it is all parts of who we are.

Loving on the planet is a thing we share in common, so this project was extra fun.

Now some folks might not believe its necessary to change any behaviors when it comes to conservation and environmental concerns—and to them, we cannot preach—they’ve got their motivations.

But we’ll keep at it, thank you kindly, and keep sharing:

50 Ways to Help the Planet

If you’re in the Cincinnati area, you can get this shirt (and more of our goods) at Park+Vine downtown, or MiCA in O’Bryonville.

4 responses to “50 ways”

  1. Bart-Jan Verhoef Avatar

    Ran into the site earlier today, my first response was something in the line of: Wow, gorgeous icons! And… good cause as well ;).
    Great job altogether!

  2. Mark Avatar

    Chris — thanks for the site. i really love the iconography of the 50ways site/shirt. And it’s an essential reminder — along with some nice explanations to help w/ the reminders (some stuff on here i certainly needed reminders about).
    But a small/medium critique: These are individual solutions… like i said essential ones, but individual nonetheless.
    If we’re to really alter the environmental future of the planet, we have to change not just individual habits, but what corporations do (and to a lesser extent governments) — both in what they produce (ie. more fuel efficient cars (and no SUVs) or more affordable green options) and probably most importantly HOW they produce what they do.
    My guess is that if we all did everything on the 50ways list it would amount to a fraction of what huge corporations are doing to this planet (emissions, dumping, waste, energy-inefficiency, etc.)
    Now obviously this is less easy to show in awesome graphic form AND harder to encourage through a website — it requires collective action — but i thought the point needed to be made. Maybe one of the 50 (i’d actually say #1) needs to be for folks to get involved in a group (you can leave it up to the individual) to challenge corporate environmental pollution.
    thanks for your great work!

  3. Brianne Avatar

    These shirts are terrific! I am thinking about getting one for each of my nieces/nephews to help them remember what they can do, even as one individual person and a child at that, to make things better.

  4. Kristin Avatar

    Awesome! Thanks for the useful & well-designed tips.
    Something I’d like to add — two of my neighbors use manual reel mowers & they are wonderful (except for huge lawns I guess). Also, biking and walking are great & healthy alternatives to driving!!
    Thanks — love these!