more knobs

I have no idea what this device does. A mystery and reminder that there’s still lots to learn.

Ever since that classic computer, I’ve been thinking knobs and buttons and dials and cords. I collected a few and took some new ones and started putting them in this set:

Photosknobs & buttons & dials & cords

In other news, it’s Friday, and I’ve lots of pixels to push before the work whistle blows. Next week, there will be lots of ink to be pushed through screens on to shirts and tags.

This weekend: I think I’ll be seeing whatever movie the Cincinnati Movie Bears see tomorrow. Here’s a link to the Yahoo Group, oh, and the movie is Cloverfield.

Current music: Les Savy Fav “Pots & Pans”

One response to “more knobs”

  1. VJ Avatar

    nothing quite like a nice piece of gear with lots of knobs and sliders 🙂