Ever heard of a store called Spencers?

A sculpture in The Cricket Lounge

We had our holiday dinner for the studio last night. Well worth the wait, every last bite was delicious.

Decided to have a night cap afterward at The Cincinnatian Hotel— a well appointed place downtown that looks like a boring office building at street level.

They had some neon sculpture in the bar area. I was enamored (and sober) and taking pictures. My cohort at work asked if I had ever heard of a store called Spencers. Since he was slurring from the rare stiff drink or he fact he avoids sleep by having a teething child, I let his joke slide. I still liked the neon sculpture thing.

Oh, I should mention, I was wearing a tie. Here is proof in the alternate pictures that almost made it for this entry.

I thought the neon was neater.

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2 responses to “Ever heard of a store called Spencers?”

  1. communicatrix Avatar

    Spencer’s Gifts! Home of Day-Glo art, lava lamps and candles in the shape of ice cream sodas.
    Every crappy mall had one, back in the day, along with a Wicks ‘n’ Sticks. Haven’t seen either for years, now. Too many other, easier places to get crappy stuff.

  2. chris Avatar

    have thought of that sculpture for 3 years now. nice to see i wasn`t the only one. one google search for the cincinattian hotel neaon sculpture and Viola ! isn`t technology amazing. i sat in that very chair next to the neon. would like to find the artist.