Apple Timeline

Mental note: Must. Stop. Eating. Crapfood.

I was trying to figure out when Job’s keynote goes down when I saw the horrible t-shirts linked up from the Macworld website.

It pains to look at the designs available, much like it is painful to see how much my torso would benefit from a modernized man-girdle.

Anyway, all this is totally unlike my new favorite shirt from Insanely Great Tees called Apple Timeline. I had some variation of this in my head for some time, but this execution and design exceeds my imagination.

In self news: the first week of ’08 had lots of darts lined up for the calendar. Didn’t actually throw many on specific dates, but lined them up and felt the weight and girth. Oh, and the studio is beginning to sparkle. Next it week it will smell of Pine Sol.

Current music: The Breeders “Little Fury”