the hunt

Oh to find one of these…

Most Sundays, Dan and I have been driving around the outskirts of Dayton, looking for neighborhoods and houses.

It’s not because some say it’s a buyer’s market, it’s because renting gets old, and frankly, it’s expensive. In fact, if we hit our target, a mortgage would be less than rent. We could inherit walls to paint and the responsibility of hot water heater maintenance.

Here’s the rub: We’re trying to find some rough midpoint between his university job and my days down in the studio. Plotting this puts us in the middle of new construction or farmhouses. Apparently, ranches are over and everything built now has to be BIG, and RIGHT NEXT to each other.

It’s terribly frustrating. Driving around we spy places like the one pictured above, but they’re not for sale.

Oh well, we have patience on our side.

In other news, the headcold worsens, heading south to the chest. Woe.

Current music: Grizzly Bear “Plans”

2 responses to “the hunt”

  1. communicatrix Avatar

    That’s one sweet ranch. Love the flagstone detail.
    Out here, they like to tear down the most adorable bungalows for these hideous, faux-Italianate McMansions built right up to the property line. Except in front, which they pave over for a car park.
    Sad sad sad.

  2. susan LaPlante Avatar
    susan LaPlante

    When did you move to Dayton? I thought you were in Cinci… I told you long ago about me being born and raised in Dayton, have you been to Fairborn yet? It is like Mayberry, you have to go to Foys in downtown Fairborn. Thanks for the Pioneer Woman cooks hook up, some of those recipes are downright tasty. Any, see ya later. Your Tampa fan, sue.