Light the Square

Tyler Davidson Fountain (wiki)

Friday night we bundled up and headed to Fountain Square to see ’em flip the switch on the Christmas Tree lights.

This was my first visit since the square was redesigned, and it might not have been the best way to experience the public space. It was packed and dark. And cold. And Santa was late. And someone was really butchering Christmas carols. And there weren’t any chestnuts roasting on an open fire, or hot cocoa.

But it was nice to see the whole square filled with people. I bet if Macy’s would have stayed open late that Black Friday, many would have done some shopping to warm up.

All my complaints and it was still a good evening. The skating rink opened up and I didn’t lose my gloves.

PhotosFourteen snapshots of the chilly evening

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  1. Dennis Avatar

    Hey Chris – That is an excellent fountain. The water pouring from her hands is so powerful!