Ham & Turkey Dinner

Roadside handlettering on the way to work

I’ve mentioned my typography teacher back at Ohio State once or twice.

She used to get migraines whenever she walked down the street and encountered bad letter-spacing.

I think the sign above might very well give her a full blown aneurysm.

Me? I like it when all the rules are broken. I particularly like the margins employed. [ VIEW WHOLE SIGN ]

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3 responses to “Ham & Turkey Dinner”

  1. Alex Jacque Avatar

    I like how the “Oct 27” part is in Handwriting Neue Light and the rest is in Handwriting Neue Bold.

  2. E Avatar

    See now, to me–that sign shows a lot of audacity. Like, they’re just gonna keep writing, and if they run out of sign, well the whole thing be damned.
    That’s the kind of fighting spirit I’d expect from Lima, maybe West Jefferson, Ohio… where was that taken?

  3. Chris Avatar

    Near Oxford, Ohio E.