Harper in my backseat and iPhones are cheaper

A bargain from the antique store

My mom and I will get together with a few bullet points of things to accomplish, and invariably we always forget whatever they were and enjoy our time blissfully.

She scored this Charley Harper poster a while back and I finally picked it up over the holiday.

It’s since been in my backseat until I moved it this afternoon to make room for boxes of t-shirts.

This poster, though a bit marine lifey for my tastes, has a color palette and Harper’s lovely illustrational style that I could look at endlessly. It’s one from his series for the National Park Service titled Atlantic Barrier Islands (small version available here).

[ Mental note: do not forget (again) to write mom a check for it ]

The bargain that this was makes me feel less miffed over the price cut that Apple unleashed today. Please don’t rub it in. I’m trying to curb regrets in life and doing a pretty good job all by myself.

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6 responses to “Harper in my backseat and iPhones are cheaper”

  1. amanda m. Avatar

    Yeah, I was listening to the radio on the way home and got pissed off at the price drop. A $200 drop??!!!! That’s really saying f*you to the early adopters, the people who give other people iphone envy. I can’t tell you how many strangers on planes I let play with the iphone.
    But I do love it.
    Poster looks amazing… any chance you’ll take a full shot so I can use it as iphone wallpaper?
    pretty please?

  2. Dave Avatar

    Cheer up. Apple just announced that original iPhone buyers are getting $100 in the form of an Apple gift cert. Hurrah!

  3. glass Avatar

    I will take a shot Amanda.
    And thanks Dave, 100 bucks makes me feel lots better actually, somehow.

  4. cramer Avatar

    My feeling is that I chose to pay $600 (partly due to reading your review, Chris) and was glad to have done so. I wasn’t sore because of the price cut, but I was surprised. This $100 credit is just icing on the cake. I’ll maybe get the Bengals season pass on iTunes now, or try out another show.
    By the way, how do you like your canvas case?

  5. Renaud Avatar

    I have several Harper prints at the chateau – good score! I met his son several years ago at a modern expo in Detroit. He was selling prints and some books. We chatted and I found out his mother was a good artist as well.

  6. angie Avatar

    i won’t say a thing about the iphone… other than i still want one. love that store credit they’re offering. you still have to spend your “refund” with them. yet and still i’m an apple fan to the end 😉