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I figured I’d document Meijer’s almost-a-rainbow old logo, before they bring around the new extra patriotic one:

I’ve no insight as to the specifics behind the identity change (the Brand New blog does a good job with that sort of thing), I can regurgitate marketing speak from the new logo guidelines:

The Meijer identity is a foundational component of our brand. It has been designed to represent the energy of our company.

That first sentence makes no sense, and I’m not sure the new wordmark evokes energy. I do think it’s hilarious they call the dots over the i and j “joy dots” in the style manual. (PDF)

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see circles in PMS 286C, I get happy.

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6 responses to “Meijer logorot”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    I feel happier already, and if it wasn’t for your photo, I wouldn’t even know what a Maijer was.

  2. Dean Avatar

    Ahem, one could say those “circles in PMS 286C” are “blue balls”…sorry…!

  3. Jason B. Avatar

    Wow. That is a mighty boring logo. At least the letterspacing seems to be handled nicely. To my eyes anyway. Glad that I’m living in South Carolina now, won’t have to see these eyesores. Not that our local grocers are much better.

  4. Jason B. Avatar

    Hmm. The links in my previous comment seem to be all wonky. Consider and instead.

  5. John in NOLA Avatar
    John in NOLA

    I’m just dazzled by the happy dots. I don’t *know* why… I’m just, well, happy. And I’m sure it’s because of these dots. It must be.

  6. Terra Avatar

    In case you care, in Michigan Meijer goes head to head with Target and Walmart and in most cases wins. They are clean and well thought out stores. There are a change which really pushes the idea of one stop shopping to new levels. If you don’t have one, you have few or little choice in where to shop for food, clothes, hardware and more. I would think you would ask Meijer to bring their happy dots your way! 🙂