The Items I Carry

the stuff that weighs down my pockets

For the group Naz created on Flickr called “The Items We Carry.”

Not pictured:

– a baseball cap (I tend to buy one at favorite places of travel)
– glasses
– lint

What you won’t find on me:

– a watch
– sunglasses (though I want a prescription for them, I know I’d lose them)
– a good sense of direction

Current music: Feist “1234”

3 responses to “The Items I Carry”

  1. Darrell Avatar

    so cool I had to do one myself.

  2. Paul Avatar

    Hey Chris, I found you because (mutual dotcomrad) Joshua Blankenship told me to check out your blog. Great stuff (I participated in the Items We Carry as well). Added you to my list of blogs to check.

  3. Leigh Avatar

    hey, randomly found your blog open on my roomie’s computer. where did you get that notebook? must get one!