RV parked in Ludlow, KY [ +zoom ]

3am and I’m not going to let another day tick by without posting something.

S’times like this when I throw quality out the window—though it pains me to upload a photo without context, so here’s a recap:

On Friday I broke down under the weight of my hair and went to see the barber in Kentucky. I thought having my ears exposed would help me focus.

Passed this beige and brown monster on the road after a sweet Westfalia in mint condition escaped my lens. What these vehicles have in common? (Aside from the desire to experience a nomadic lifestyle.)

I’m reminded, I need a vacation.

It’s not quite time yet. I’m still working on a project that tugs at the noodle, but I’m finding that I need to plan these trip things as I get on in life. Or maybe it’s because flying out of Cincinnati is so oddly expensive. Oh wait, I live in Dayton now.

See? Confused. Light at the end of the tunnel.


I believe the left coast will be involved.

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2 responses to “journey”

  1. angie Avatar

    oh, yeah. that’s definitely worth stopping for.
    don’t forget to put sunblock on those newly exposed ears.

  2. John in NOLA Avatar
    John in NOLA

    It looks kind of like a blue-collar Norman Rockwell painting!