Boosler’s next

Farewell Jokers Comedy Cafe

The comedy club up the street is getting bulldozed.

The architectural landmark with legendary comedic caricatures adorning its sides is replaced by a Wal-Mart Funny Bone in the swank Greene shopping experience up the highway.

Beavercreek is totally getting all the Strip Mall 2.0 goodies. We by the Dayton Mall get to keep the gentlemen’s clubs like Cheeks, Pazzazz, and Diamonds Cabaret.

Current music: Eels “That’s Not Really Funny”

2 responses to “Boosler’s next”

  1. angie Avatar

    no place for humor when corporate america is waiting!
    perfect timing on this, chris.

  2. jack Avatar

    I hate to officially inform you of this but Wal-Mart isn’t the reason that Jokers was torn down. They were bought out by the owners of the Funny Bone and so far it seems like a good deal with them at the Greene as their making more money than they would’ve in Miamisburg.