wearing your heart

Pride in Cincinnati

Wow. What a day. (and a gorgeous one at that)

Pictured here, me and Tom – partner in crime at Wire &Twine – standing inside of our first festival tent full of screen-printed goodness.

Not pictured: many months of planning, a lot of power production by intern extraordinaire and tube-top rocker Garrett, plus sweat, tears, and a pile sawdust created by the whole crew.

We’ll be set up again tomorrow for the Pride Parade. If you’re in the Cincinnati area, come on down to Northside and say howdy. There should be lots of sunshine, and a good deal or two. (And we’ll be up in Columbus, OH on June 23!)

6 responses to “wearing your heart”

  1. We usually try to make the Pride festival, but things are crazy this weekend. Damn, I wish I’d known that you were going to be there. Congrats on the new booth, hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Love the shirts, will be sending some orders your way. Consider yourself linked, have live link now to your shop on my blog. Always eager to help gay business owners with quality merchandise.

  3. “enjoy this beautiful day” is a great msg for any chest.
    hope the T-booth sold hotcakes, and that you enjoyed that beautiful day.